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About Us

Blue Ridge Safehouse has identified a large problem within the Green Beret
community with soldiers returning from combat zones. This problem is not being addressed by outreach programs. It is one of the most difficult problems a Green Beret will face. The reintegration with his family upon returning from a combat zone. This problem is so severe that it directly contributes to a 70% divorce rate and to the suicide rate within the organization.

BRS has partnered with Dr. Pearl Wong Abood, LMFT, LMFT-S, and Owner of to help work on
reintegration of the family as a unit. Speaking from personal experience, many Green Berets who are deployed must turn off the family LIGHTSWITCH to stay focused on the mission. These elite soldiers are given the tools to successfully complete their mission but too often the Army fails to give these Green Beret’s the tools to turn the family LIGHTSWITCH back on. That is why BRS solicited the help and expertise of Camilla Whitehead to “help the soldier simplify his complex situation so he can move forward with purpose, clarity, and direction”. Carmella Whitehead, LS, LMFT.

The purpose of BRS is to help active-duty Green Berets reconnect with their families post-deployment. BRS will do this by facilitating a series of counseling sessions as well as guided activities to help the soldier and family connect in a stress-free environment. “If you are depressed you are living in the past, if you are anxious you are living in the future, if you are at peace, you are living in the present” Lao Tzu.

Blue Ridge Safehouse was created by SFC Gregory Peterman (retired). Greg is a 21 year veteran of Special Forces. Greg completed Ranger school in 1995 followed by the completion of the Qualification Course “Q” Course. He was awarded his Special Forces Tab in 2005. During his distinguished career, Greg survived multiple deployments and was awarded both the Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom Campaign medals x5. BRS is a 501c nonprofit organization.

Our Mission

Why should you donate to Blue Ridge Safehouse? BRS helps the best of the best in the Army. Green Berets are the premier special operation soldiers in the Army. The average Green Beret conducts 6 to 12 combat deployments during his 20-year career.

How will your charitable donation be used? In order to create a stress-free environment for our families, travel, meals, counseling and activities will be offered at no cost to the soldier and his family. Activities include kayaking, hiking, off roading, fishing, hunting, camping, biking and even shopping. All activities will be conducted as a family.

During their time at BRS, the family will have 1 session with our on-staff psychotherapist focusing on the reintegration of the soldier with the family. Upon leaving BRS, the soldier will be offered additional counseling sessions to continue with their reintegration and self-improvement process.

Blue Ridge Safehouse is located in West Jefferson, NC less than 4 hours from FT Bragg, NC . There are hundreds of Green Berets and their families that need our help. As a retired Green Beret, I can tell you from firsthand experience how traumatic and difficult this lifestyle is on my fellow Green Berets and their families. It’s my personal mission to help as many Green Beret’s and their families as possible. Please consider donating to Blue Ridge Safehouse, a 501c non profit organization.

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