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Thank you to Blue Ridge Safehouse and Greg for providing my family and I with a great experience that we will not forget. The entire experience was more enjoyable than anything we could have imagined. The Boone and West Jefferson communities were especially gracious and welcoming. Greg set up every dining and entertainment experience and each time it was apparent that that Greg has built many relationships in the community to ensure the Green Berets he invites up to the Blue Ridge Mountains are provided with first-class hospitality. My children loved the experiences at Mystery Hill and Tweetsie Railroad. Even as young as they are, I doubt they will ever forget their experiences over the weekend. The joy I felt for being able to attend the event with my family made it one of the most rewarding trips we have ever taken. 17 years in the army and 15 years in SOF has taken a toll on our family’s relationships. My wife and I are especially thankful that we could spend that time together in the Blue Ridge Mountains with our children. Greg clearly enjoys giving back to Green Berets and their families. The house that Greg provided from Creekside Cabins was also exceptional, a cozy place with plenty of space for our family of six. We are beyond grateful for the work, resources, and effort that Greg, Blue Ridge Safehouse, and the community expended to ensure our family had a great weekend. Thank you again for a wonderful weekend and we appreciate Blue Ridge Safehouse and the people who support that organization. 


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I My family and I are beyond grateful for the incredible experience we had with Blue Ridge Safehouse and the kindhearted residents of West Jefferson, NC. Greg, your generosity and dedication to Green Berets and their families is truly inspiring. The guest house you provided us with was nothing short of amazing – a home away from home nestled in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We are excited about the mission of Blue Ridge Safehouse and pray your dedication as a truly genuine and authentic non-profit organization resonates across our military supporters. From the moment we arrived, we were embraced by the warmth of the community. Every meal, activity, and travel arrangement was a testament to the care and hospitality of West Jefferson's residents. Our visit to Zaloo’s Canoes was an absolute highlight, as we casually kayaked down the South Fork New River. The adventure at Unseen Pass allowed us to intimately connect with the ridgeline of the Appalachian Mountains, leaving us in awe of the incredible views from the NC and VA mountaintops. Greg, your invitation to share a meal with your family deeply touched our hearts. Hearing more about your cause and your passion for supporting Green Berets and their families was both humbling and motivational. Your praiseworthy practice of allocating 100% of donations to the regiment, in contrast to the usual self-benefitting routines of most NPOs, is genuinely appreciated by all your supporters. We're grateful for the stories you shared about your father's dedicated service to our country and regiment. Meeting your mother, who stood steadfastly by his side in service to our nation, was an honor. Your daughter's kindness and ability to create a welcoming atmosphere for my pre-teens to flourish left us amazed. This whole weekend was an extraordinary gift – a time for our family to unwind, strengthen our bonds, and savor each other's company free from the usual burdens of life. In a world that often hurries along, the Blue Ridge Safehouse experience reminded us of the vital importance of slowing down, refocusing as a family, and embracing these moments together with community and nature. The memories we crafted during these precious days in West Jefferson will remain cherished forever. Greg, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to you, and we extend our thanks to everyone who played a part in making this unforgettable and revitalizing journey possible.  Merci Beaucoup, -The Andersons

I want to give a shout-out to blue ridge safehouse and the people of West Jefferson and Boone! Greg set my family (of seven) up in a big cabin in the heart of Appalachia. We got to experience Mystery Hill, which was amazing. Joy from Mystery Hill was one of the sweetest ladies we’ve ever met. She made our experience at Mystery Hill fill like a VIP experience! The kids absolutely loved it and it was so nice just to show up and not have to worry about coordinating times and purchasing tickets.  We also went to The Lost Province Brewing Co and had an amazing dinner. I would definitely recommend that establishment! The next day we did a trail ride with Unseen Pass and we got to experience the Appalachian Mountains up close and personal! It was a beautiful experience and the kids loved the adventure! 
Greg invited us to dinner at his place on the final night and introduced us to his family and dove deeper into his cause. He is dedicated to Green Berets and their families. My family was able to have a low-stress weekend and were able to just relax and enjoy each other which we do not get a lot of. Thanks again, Greg!
> Respectfully

- The Sanders

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Had an exciting time with the family while biking the Virginia Creeper Trail in Damascus, Virginia.  The trail was 17 miles downhill from Whitetop Station through scenic waterways and mountains into Damascus.  The distance was manageable for my 7-year-old daughter and took about 2 hours.  Incredible family bonding experience and would recommend to anyone that loves the outdoors.  Greg Peterman of Blueridge Safehouse provided an exceptional outlet for my family to get much-needed quality time. 



My family and I cannot fully express how much the getaway benefited our family. We were able to experience the amazing community of West Jefferson, Mystery Hill, and hike Mount Jefferson. Those 3 days together was something we will always remember. Having the ability to reconnect and just be together was much needed. We are forever grateful for Blue Ridge Safehouse and the West Jefferson community.

-The Richards

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Thank you to Blue Ridge Safehouse, the Special Forces Brotherhood Chapter 111, and the community of West Jefferson for an amazing weekend with my family.  We were blessed with a stress-free opportunity to enjoy family time and make new memories.  My family and I enjoyed snow tubing at Hawksnest and the thrill of Mystery Hill.  My daughters loved axe throwing, the gravitational anomaly room, bull riding, and prospecting in the mines.  All of our entertainment, lodging, and meals were provided in the wonderful West Jefferson community.  The quality time I was able to have with my family was priceless and much-needed.  My wife and I cannot express our thanks enough for this fantastic foundation and community which supports it.

- Andy & Sabrina

Thank you, Blue Ridge Safehouse and the West Jefferson community, for providing an experience my family will never forget. It was more than we could have ever expected or asked for. Having the time and ability to come together as a family and strengthen our bonds was most appreciated. The kids really enjoyed snow tubing at Hawksnest and had never really been in that kind of environment. Seeing them happy and overwhelmed with excitement really made up for so many events that I have missed with a high rate of deploying and not being home. My wife and I were extremely grateful for the lodging provided. Being afforded a stress-free weekend and time to just really relax and reconnect was something we needed and didn’t even know it. Because of Blue Ridge Safe House, we benefited both spiritually and emotionally. Having been married 14 years and in SOF the entire time put a strain on our relationship. It is opportunities like these that help us keep it together and revisit the love that brought us together. Greg is an amazing host who goes above and beyond to support his brothers. His commitment and relentless support for the community is what makes me proud to call myself a brother to this organization. We want to thank everyone who contributed to our vacation and look forward to visiting the West Jefferson area again in the future.


- Adam and Kellie

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Thank you to Blue Ridge Safehouse and Greg for the weekend from all four of us! We found this a great opportunity to enjoy family time together, new experiences, and discover the overwhelming support from the West Jefferson community. Our daughter loved riding a horse for her first time with a friend of Gregs, and particularly enjoyed the RAZR excursion to see the changing leaves! Our son got to experience riding on a mechanical bull for the first time and loved prospecting for gems at Mystery Hill. It was heartwarming to see the support from the community in providing every meal and excursion gratis to our family. 

We couldn’t possibly express how appreciative we were to be a part of this. The place we stayed had a pool table, air hockey table, and a jukebox the whole family just couldn’t get enough of. It was cozy, private, and just perfect for us. Greg hosted dinner the final night at our house, shared some of his experiences and stories, and provided my wife and I some understanding of what to expect after I retire in a few years. Greg clearly enjoys giving back to the Special Forces community and continuing to be involved with GBs and families, who like him, have contributed to years of deployments. BRS is a way for families who have experienced the stress of these repeated deployments overseas to bond over new experiences, community support, and the relaxation of having everything possible provided for the trip. Thanks again Greg and BRS from all four of us! DOL


-Sam, Tammy, Katie, & River

BRS gave my family a weekend we’ll never forget. We stayed at an amazing house located in the mountains of West Jefferson. Every meal was provided to ensure our bellies were full, and our weekend was stress free. Our family was taken care of from start to finish. We relaxed our first day, and went sightseeing in the mountains. The following day we started the morning with horseback riding. Such an amazing experience our 5year old loved so much! After lunch, we went trail riding in a topless jeep around the mountains and saw sights only seen in movies! The weekend with BRS was so much more than just 3 days of adventures. My family and I were able to spend much needed quality time together. Creating memories that’ll last a lifetime. We’re so thankful for BRS



Our family had an amazing time around West Jefferson, NC all thanks to Blue Ridge Safehouse. During our time there we stayed in a cabin that was on the river and my wife caught her first ever Trout there. There were plenty of places to fish and hike right around the cabin. We also had two adventures provided by BRS. On the second day of the trip we went site seeing in a topless Jeep down many dirt roads and to the top of Whitetop mountain in Virginia. If you do the keep your I highly recommend the going there. On the third day of our trip due to weather we went to Mystery Hill where we saw gravity change before our eyes as well as bull riding, ace throwing and gem mining all with our kids. We even had old-timey photos taken. On top of all our adventures, BRS hooked us up with amazing local food three times a day. We had a wonderful time. Thank you Blue Ridge Safehouse for the opportunity to relax and decompress with my family. 

Safehouse provided my family with a great experience and an opportunity to reconnect Blueridge with each other. After 19 years of service in the army, 13 of those years being in Special Operations, and recently returning from the closeout of Afghanistan, this trip was extremely beneficial to my wife and I, as well as our four children. The moments on the mountain, a stress-free and resourced weekend, allowed my wife and I to focus on the kids and each other. With no distractions, we could share in the unique opportunities to build lasting memories on the ski slopes and snow tubing hills of the NC mountains. 

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity. Blueridge Safehouse has found something special, that will hopefully continue to help the special operations community recover after two decades of conflict and allow the men and women a much-needed opportunity to rejuvenate and reconnect with those they care about. Thank you for the time and support for the families and those that serve at the tip of the spear. 


-The Browns 

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First and foremost, I would like to thank Greg & the Blue Ridge Safe House patrons for blessing our family with such a fantastic trip! Our lodging at the Falls Creek Cabins was relaxing & peaceful. Having the opportunity to spend quality time as a family, with no distractions, was much needed. Getting back to the simple things of playing a board game, working a puzzle, watching a movie together, taking our dog for a walk through the woods…  BRSH set us up for snowboarding lessons & lift tickets at Appalachian Mountain for the day – We had an amazing time as a family. The following day we were supposed to go tubing at Hawks Nest, but due to C-19, they were understaffed and had to cancel our reservation. I shot Greg a quick text, and he got us set up with an all-inclusive trip to Mystery Hill. Mystery Hill was a unique and exciting place to visit – The kids had an absolute blast! All of our meals were arranged & paid for in the community of West Jefferson, and everyone we met was friendly and expressed thankfulness for my service in the Army. Our final dinner was with Greg and Kyle, where we played the “who do you know” game – reminding me just how small our SOF community is and how powerful and healing it can be to share our stories. Thanks to the generosity of a counseling organization, we will be doing some family counseling sessions to reconnect and undo some of the stress and strain of enduring through 10 deployments. We are forever grateful for the gift of this experience. It is heartwarming to know that others genuinely care and want to make a difference in the lives of active-duty Green Berets. Thank you. DOL
Sid, Jenni, Elly & Mitchell

“Our family spent four days in the West Jefferson area hosted by Blue Ridge Safehouse, and were completely spoiled. The entire town of West Jefferson is full of wholesome people that have so much respect for the Special Operations, and want to show their appreciation. We stayed in a loft above the unique shops downtown which was walking distance from nearly every need & want. The family enjoyed skiing and tubing in the mountains and some much needed relaxation. The session with Lotus Group was pleasant and simply another opportunity to use however the family chooses. The itinerary removed thought and logistics of timelines and meals which allowed for more actual time together. This was quality time together, and memories that the kids will share. I can’t say enough about the program, the people, and the opportunity to actually relax.

Thank you!! DOL”

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